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Thank You!

Thank you all for celebrating my birthday! It was definitely crazy performing a full set with dancers, live musicians, and lyricists (featuring the beautiful cake provided by Kabbalah House), after rocking the stage and leading workshops at the International Hip-Hop Festival with some of the best artists in the world, including Dead Prez and La Tere!

It’s so sad that Kickstarter returned the thousands of dollars you helped to raise, since we didn’t reach the goal in time but, words can’t express how grateful I am that you raised $3500 as individuals, which means we weren’t that far off!

I clearly need to become more visible to the heads who preserve Hip-Hop culture, since right now my workshops have been getting more attention from teachers, principles, and non-profits, but that’s okay, as long as I know so many of you were touched by my music WITHOUT being sold to! In fact, many of you have gone beyond the failed KickStarter campaign, using this site’s donation links, and you’ve already brought us $1130 closer to releasing the next album! Until I’m able to bring you that music, I just want to say…

For giving $1130 towards my Birthday Gift - Thanks to:
Joe, Kristin, Mark, Kabbalah House, Malik, Tim, Rachel, Maurice, Mic on Deck, Samantha, Bernardo, Jakob, Versatile Poetiq

For booking the Workshops that pay my Bills - Thanks to:
Poetry Out Loud, CT Arts for Learning, Hartford Performs, Charter Oak Cultural Center, the Wadsworth, Trinity College, Central CT State University, Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, Manchester Community College, CT Humanities, Covenant Prep, The Village, Temple of Hip-Hop, Envision Fest, Hartford Hip-Hop Festival, Advocate, Grand Band Slam, International Hip-Hop Festival, Hartford City Hall, Renzulli Academy, Two Rivers Magnet High, CT River Academy, West Middle, Carrigan School, Simpson-Waverly, Vance, WISH School, New Haven Family Alliance, CT After School Network, YMCA, Kinsella Performing Arts, Heartbeat Ensemble, Batchelder School, Youth Artisan Tech, Big Picture, Delphian School, Flava House, El Fogon, Pyramid, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Up or On the Rocks, Tapa’s, Sanctuary VIP Lounge, Symmetry, Sully’s Pub, Kabbalah House

I would love to give you or your organization a shout out on this page. Please consider showing your support as a Donor, Sponsor, Backer or Buyer. For more info, see my text, voice mail, and twitter info at the top

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